Ridiculous Fifty Shades Of Grey Products

Ridiculous Fifty Shades Of Grey Products

When the Fifty Shades of Grey was launched on the big screen, many companies took advantage of it by making their own Fifty Shades of Grey inspired products.

Flirty Shades of Surf

Talking dirty is Fifty Shades of Grey’s thing and washing away dirt and infusing fragrance is Surf’s thing. Ridiculously, they launched a liquid powder they named after the movie and they called it “Flirty Shades of Surf”. The detergent is infused with rose, jasmine, and sandalwood which they called as sensational oils. Funny it may seem, but Surf has a point because your sheets should smell sexy to set the mood.

Squigly Boo Onesie

There is a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired Squigly Boo onesie that says, “9 months ago mommy reads 50 Shades of Grey.” The idea maybe cute, but when you think about the kinky sex practices the mommy and the daddy made during the makeout that made the mommy pregnant is something creepy. Imagine the baby was made because the mommy was handcuffed, spanked, and clamped?

Walmart’s Fifty Shades of Grey Themed Basket

Fifty Shades of Grey is so hype even Walmart made its own themed basket of the movie. The basket includes chrome-plated metal double lock handcuffs, an eye mask, and things in red and sexy to eat and drink (yes, the teas) in case you get hungry while using the handcuffs and eye mask. If you are looking for Fifty Shades of Grey foil condom to complete the set, no they’re not included in the basket. But still, this idea is ridiculous because Walmart obviously had put an effort to achieve something they think is sexy.

Vermont Teddy Bear

Yes, a teddy bear in Christian Grey’s suit with his iconic satin tie holding a handcuffs and a mask. Really? How can an innocent teddy bear be turned into a sexy hot Christian Grey? And how can someone look into the teddy bear’s eyes and see Christian through it? A teddy bear should supposed to be an object of childhood and fun but not sex.

Fifty Shades of Lube

What is the difference of a regular lube from Fifty Shades of Lube? A lube can function as a lube no matter what brand it is going to be. There is no special lube or lube that can make you go wild and crazy in bed. You can actually use organic lubes like coconut oil and olive oils that do not need to be branded. This product is totally just for hype.

Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired Cakes and Cupcakes

Hooray to the sexy lines of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, they are being used as main attraction to those who are in baking business. Bakers are creating cakes and cupcakes making them look kinkier by piping them with sexy lines taken out from the movie. Words like “Laters, Baby and I like Vanilla” are some of the few mainstream lines bakers are taking advantage. It is so ridiculous because a person purchases a high priced cupcakes or cakes just because their are sexy lines on top.


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