Did you know there is a line of 50 Shades of Grey Sex Toys?

Did you know there is a line of 50 Shades of Grey Sex Toys?

Fifty Shades of Grey definitely made its viewers lust-fueled and libidos up high. But what makes it very interesting and loved by most? Because, it tapped the human sexuality at the right time. The movie talks about the lust, like, love, hate, and a lot of kinks, or BDSM relationship. It projects someone’s frustration and bed fantasies that may most of the people do not get from their partners. There are some who are still not getting what kind of relationship is BDSM and think that partners who are under this are with psychological problem. Studies show that partner who likes kinky sex do not actually project psychological. They are actually contented, happier and more liberated because they get to do and satisfy themselves in bed the way they want.

In fact, some people may not know that they are already practicing kinky sex. When they are using oppressive words like “fuck you”, or even slightly biting their partners to enhance sensation, they are actually practicing BDSM. Fifty Shades of Grey teaches its viewers how to get kinkier during sex. There is always something one can learn from the movie. And in fact, its author, E L James, released his own collection of kinky sex toys, bondages, and accessories, exactly the same bed materials you can find in the movie. The collections range from bondages, massage oils, sex toys, and lubricants. You may think they cost higher than most kinky brands but no, they are not. They are priced modestly on shelves. Novices up to experts in bed can find something they need and interesting. These items can make you feel like you are living in Christian Grey’s world. What’s so engaging about the items is that they are all labeled with Fifty Shades of Grey and they are named after the movie lines.

Fifty Shade of Grey Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit is the bondage Grey uses to Anastasia during this first sex encounter. Another item is the You. Are. Mine Metal Handcuffs which is the kinky item Grey’s always uses to Anastasia when he wants her to be submissive. Sooth Me After Spanking Cream is obviously what you can use when you like to be wild in bed and give your partner a spank to both keep your senses alive. If you want to relive the scene where in Grey uses a flogger to Anastasia, Please, Sir Flogger is the right item to buy. It is exciting to see but can only create minimal impact, in contrary to what you are thinking. It is made of faux leather in soft and body safe fronds.

The house also have collections of vibrators, dildos, anal beads, tease feather, clamps and many more. Using these items can tilt the sensation of your partner. Insatiable Desire, for example, is a mini G-spot vibrator with 7 vibrating patterns and three speeds. And if you want to level up your desire to become like Christian Grey, you can purchase his much known satin tie.

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