50 Shades Of Grey Inspired Jewelry

50 Shades Of Grey Inspired Jewelry

Aside from the kinky sex routines, there is another thing we can desire from watching Fifty Shades of Grey the movie. Let us leave the BDSM practices and say hello to the undenying fashionable taste of the characters.

From Hermes Berkins up to Monique Lhuillier, every dresses the main characters wear in the movie hit a homerun to the consumers. Say for example the masquerade dress Anastasia wore during the ball, this dress caught so much viewers attention that even though it is not for monetization, its designer Lhuillier decided to make it available to purchase from her site.

Another one is the wedding gown of Anastasia which was also designed by Lhuillier. The long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder lace gown in a button-closure back and a illusion sweetheart neckline had garnered her so many calls that she’d promised to produce similar mass-market version to sell on her site as well.

Going inner, fans were heartbroken when they found out that Anastasia’s corset and garter combo, Callie, was no longer available for purchase. Aside from the Anastasia’s wardrobe, her mousy bangs, simple eye makeup, and array of lipstick garnered the same amount of devotion from the fans.

When it comes to accessories, there are many Fifty Shades of Grey inspired jewelries which were out in the market since its first installment. Anastasia was seen wearing a Horseshoe Necklace, designed by Veronica & Harold, in several of her scenes. The same inspired necklace can be purchased online for lower price.

Their engagement ring is also one of a kind. It is a oval-cut diamond set on a pave band and was designed by Cartier. Later on, Christian Grey gives Ana a beautiful charm bracelet for her first birthday as his wife. These accessories are also available online as inspired creations. They are all stunning and charming.

Moving forward, handcuff and key bangle is also an adorable piece of jewelry inspired by the movie. The bangle is a handcuff-sized that comes attached with a non-working key in the middle. Handcuff, necktie, and masquerade are symbols of the movie and can be seen by the three book covers. So, it is not surprising to see jewelries inspired by the three symbols. You can also see dazzling masquerade and handcuffs bangles, or masquerade designed alone. There are also necklaces inspired by Christian’s satin tie which are very unique and catching.

We can see a lot of handcuffings in the movie and it symbolizes fun and submission. Therefore, a handcuff designed ring is very nice and a unique piece of jewelry to see. It can also symbolizes that you are submitting yourself to your partner and your partner is the same.

Lastly, if you recognize the “key” Christian gives to Ana, it is one of the most fine and symbolic jewelries he gave to her. Many fanatics long for this. Once it was out in the market, the stocks were fully purchased out. If you want to have one, there are inspired designs (almost the same as what is in the movie) you can purchase online. Take note that most of the Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired jewelries are sold in silvers.

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